21 Sep

What’s the difference between Pilates Classes or Yoga Classes

What’s the difference between Pilates Classes or Yoga Classes I often hear patients ask what is better for them Pilates Classes or Yoga Classes. So here is a brief video talking with Christine who is a specialised yoga for scoliosis teacher about Pilates and Yoga and what are the similarities and differences. Ultimately working out […]

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16 Sep

Knee pain in young hockey players

Knee pain in young hockey players Knee pain in young hockey players is something that I see quite regularly in my clinic and in sporty kids. When we are talking young, I mean any age from 10-16 years old. It is far more common in girls than boys. There are many reasons a young athlete […]

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09 Sep

Start of the hockey season advice

Its the start of the hockey season and we’ve just had our summer holidays, perhaps there have been some summer camps but its certainly been more low key than term time. Getting back into exercise at any level needs to be taken slowly at any level of play. The two most common times of injury […]

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07 Sep

Tips on how to improve your sitting posture

Tips on how to improve your sitting posture. Can sitting with a good sitting posture really make a difference? Do I need a really good chair at my desk? How long should i sit for? Does sitting affect my back pain? Is sitting the new smoking? These are all questions I get asked all the […]

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27 Aug

When is Pilates not suitable for me

I am a lover of Pilates as you maybe aware from my previous posts, but I certainly do not suggest it’s the solution to all problems. So, when is Pilates not suitable? These are a few injuries that I will often recommend that patients stop or do not do Pilates. Hamstring Tendinopathy (sit bone pain) […]

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26 Aug

How to do a Pilates Bridge correctly

How to do a Pilates Bridge correctly The Pilates Bridge is a common exercise in Pilates. I often see it done incorrectly and this can lead to you feeling it in your back. The are 5 principles of positioning in Pilates and these are really designed to help us to isolate movements. When teaching the […]

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15 Aug

Returning to Exercise after Pregnancy

Returning to Exercise after Pregnancy Kathryn is 45, she has 2 kids who are at primary school. She has tried since the kids were born to return to exercise, but has often found she gets some sort of injury and must stop. She wants to exercise because she knows she should. But has put on […]

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12 Aug

How to use Trigger point sports massage for tight muscles

Trigger point sports massage is a great way to self massage tight muscles. It is not as effective as a sports massage mainly because you can only work on small surface areas and use it as a specific release of one spot but it can be great for regular releasing tight gluteal muscles especially if […]

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04 Aug

Should I do Pilates after pregnancy?

  Why should you do Pilates after pregnancy ? I have treated many women during and after pregnancy within my physiotherapy clinic. During your pregnancy changes happen to your body to allow your little baby to grow. Some of us will just bounce back to our original former glorious state, and others may need a […]

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19 Jul

Why do I get low back pain?

There are two ways to answer the question, what causes my low back pain? We can either discuss it as if we were reading an MRI, looking at the discs and joints and seeing what is happening inside our bodies or we can ask the question what things have contributed to my low back pain. […]

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