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If you haven’t had an injury or pain before, seeing a physio can be a new experience especially if you are trying to find one without any advice or recommendation. Often the NHS has a 8-10 week waiting time and can be so burdened that you don’t get a thorough pathway.

What to expect

When we first see you, we will carry out a thorough assessment. The assessment is the key to the rest of the sessions. As physios we are trained to perform an orthopaedic assessment using tests which help us narrow down what could be causing the pain. We are also trained to be aware of any symptoms which could be caused by medical problems.

Once the assessment is carried out the physio should have a possible diagnosis and therefore have an understanding of how long it may take to improve and offer a plan of action.

Conservative treatment

This is what a physio can provide. Conservative management is trying to overcome the injury using modification of activity, manual therapy for pain relief, advice on exercises. Other treatments can be acupuncture, taping, ultrasound. All these treatments are aimed to reduce the symptoms to allow you to start moving again and return to your activities.

What is important is that physios do not offer a cure, we provide you with some relief to allow you to get MOVING and reduce the reasons that the injury occurred.

We use the latest research to guide our treatments and we have a strong focus on allowing you to understand how to manage your pain or injury. We see physiotherapy as a collaboration and we work together to get the best results.

We are also aware of what the next steps may be if conservative treatment does not provide you with the answers. We have strong links with Sports Doctors and Orthopaedic surgeons to discuss your options.

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“I have had many issues with my back over the years and Jehan has been the only physio to not only correctly diagnose and treat successfully, but also to devise an effective plan to deliver long standing results. Her knowledge of the complexities of vertebrae are second to none! I would highly recommend her.”​