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Are you looking for suitable Pilates Classes in Kingston? Many physiotherapists run Pilates Classes for rehabilitation of injuries as well as improving clients posture, maintaining mobility and flexibility. Much of the current research into injury prevention and management advocates movement and exercise as part of the management.

Pilates is a good way to maintain good movement patterns, build strength and flexibility. It is important that your instructor works closely with you to make sure that you are performing the exercises correctly.

Clinical Pilates is taught specifically to physiotherapists who have an expert knowledge of the body and injury mechanisms and they use Pilates as part of the rehabilitation model. Either we give individual programmes during your treatment sessions or advise that you may benefit from joining a class. Instructors are trained by APPI and are certified instructors.

Benefits of class environment

At JYphysiotherapy we run a number of different Pilates classes. We have 3 evening classes based at: The Canbury studio, 120 Canbury Park Avenue, KT2 6JZ, 5 minutes from Kingston town centre, the bus and train station.

Pilates Classes are mixed and hold up to 12 people. They are suitable for different levels of fitness so please give us a call if you are not sure what will suit your needs.

We also run a morning Pilates Class at: Riverside Tennis Club, Cambry Gardens, Lower Ham Road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 5AJ and have a number of small groups running out of client’s homes.

Classes are great to help you maintain commitment to exercise. Often the core and flexibility aspects of your routine tend to get dropped with time and so Pilates is a good way to maintain these and classes offer support for you to do so. Exercising in groups can be more social and FUN! So come along and have a try.

As physiotherapists we work on good technique so you can make the most of the exercises.

Benefits of Pilates include improved posture and core stability, increased flexibility, prevention of injuries, restoration of normal movement patterns, increased co-ordination and muscular control and firmer, flatter stomach muscles. Improved overall body tone and improved balance.

All physiotherapists are APPI trained.

We currently run several classes in the Kingston area;

JY Physiotherapy
Canbury Business Park,
Unit 6, Canbury Works,
Elm Crescent,

Please note that a FREE 20 minute assessment is necessary before each class.

Every Monday

7-9pm – Improvers Pilates Class (APPI Physiotherapist Instructor)
This class is designed for those who are progressing from level 1 to level 2. The exercises are gradually progressed and become more challenging for strength, but a big component still addresses flexibility and quality of movements. This class is good for those looking for a harder session. (This class is currently not running)

Every Wednesday

10.45-11.30.  Chair Pilates (over 65’s) Please note that this class takes place at:
Canbury Medical Centre, Elm Road, Kingston, KT2 6HE

This is a great Pilates Class if you are not able to get on and off the floor. We work on mobility and balance as well as strength. Its a great class for Seniors who want to keep moving and reduce the risk of falling. Medical consent is important.

Every Thursday

6.30-7.30pm – Gentle Pilates (APPI Physiotherapist Instructor)
This class is for those who are just getting started with Pilates. It works on the basic movement patterns and builds your technique. It is not an easy class! It just focuses more on technique and building the right patterns to help you progress. This runs as a 6 week course which you need to attend. You may then be ready to progress.

7.35-8.35pm – Intermediate- Advanced class (APPI Physiotherapist Instructor)
This class is for those who have been doing Pilates and have solid foundations for the movement patterns. Positions can be more challenging and there is a larger component that is strength based. It aims to challenge you in all areas, stamina/ strength/ balance and co-ordination. If you have not done Pilates before, even if you have a good strength base, it is advisable to start with the beginners class to get the positioning correct before progressing.

Every Saturday

08.00-09.00. This is a gentle Pilates, aimed at those just returning to exercise either after an injury or following pregnancy.

10.00-11.00. Post Natal Pilates. Aimed at ladies who are 6-weeks post giving birth. It is a gentle class to get you thinking about your core, pelvic floor and gently moving the spine. It offers you much needed time for yourself.

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