Strength training

At JY Physiotherapy, we think that strength is the key to getting back to full fitness after injury and also the key to keeping you injury free. What is also important is how to train and how to train effectively.  A vast number of injuries occur with training errors, this can be doing do much too soon or not doing the right mis for you. A lot of the time we are not sure what we need to be doing at the gym and may spend months not training to our capacity. Training with someone who has a vast depth of knowledge on exercises and can apply each programme to your specific needs means you may finally see the benefits you were looking for. Training with someone can also motivate you to train harder and keep it up which will also ultimately bring you results. So, if it’s getting stronger for triathlon or a marathon or building on a rehab programme strength training can really add to your fitness.

At JY Physiotherapy we our physiotherapists have a special interest in strength training and we offer physiotherapy-led sessions that will help you get back on track with your fitness journey.  At JY Physiotherapy we specialise in returning to exercise after injury, so if you are worried about getting back to exercise after an injury or even after a long time off, then we are the experts to speak to.

We will tailor your programme to you and will be able to help you learn how to train on your own or even what exercise is best for you.

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“I have had many issues with my back over the years and Jehan has been the only physio to not only correctly diagnose and treat successfully, but also to devise an effective plan to deliver long standing results. Her knowledge of the complexities of vertebrae are second to none! I would highly recommend her.”​